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Last modified: 13 April 2021 (CET)
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Executive Search Firm | Headhunter for Porto

Since 1993, Robert Breitbach Consulting has been present on the market as a retained and independent International Executive Search Firm - managed by its proprietor - with a focus on technical industries.




With offices in Germany, Spain and Estonia as well as a partner network throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, that has been built over a period of more than two and a half decades, we have all the necessary resources to manage your domestic and international personnel recruiting projects.

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Our business activities include all tools a modern search firm can access, such as direct search, social networks, classifieds, database and last but not least our valuable industry contacts - after all we have 25 years of experience!

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to inform you about our recruitment process in detail and it goes without saying that we would be pleased to provide you with references.

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We are an international organization and therefore offer our clients and partners the service of being available by phone and email around the clock, all week and every day of the year.


Coronavirus / COVID-19

As a company that uses modern technologies, we are in an advantageous position to deal with situations like the current "corona crisis" with little additional effort. Our team is well prepared to guarantee the same high quality service during this time. Stay safe!

About us

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been able to achieve and pass on substantial experience in the world of business, focusing on its most relevant element - Human Resources.

In addition to recruiting key decision-makers, we have often taken on the mandate for successfully assisting our clients’ expansion. We have advised companies that have opened branches in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia. And we have never been shy to roll up our sleeves and assist wherever help was needed.

Today we would like to introduce to you two business fields in which we particularly specialize.

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The identification and recommendation
of prospective employees.

Succession Planning

Corporate succession.
Transfer of business.

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About Us

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What is Executive Search?

Executive Search Consultant - Recruiter - Headhunter

On the website of Jobadder we find the following definition: (Quote): "... An executive search is an employment search that is undertaken in order to find candidates to fill executive roles, or other positions of equivalent seniority.

This search is usually conducted by executive search firms on behalf of a third party company. The advantage of an executive search being performed by an executive search firm is that the firm can undertake an initial screening of the candidate and confirm if they are suitable for the role and ascertain what their remuneration expectations before putting them in touch with the company.

As executive searches target highly qualified and desirable candidates, ideal candidates are sometimes already employed and are best approached by executive search firms in order to glean information about their interest in leaving their current role for a new opportunity....".

Please visit for the complete article: Executive Search - Definition

An interesting overview of the profession and more information can be found on the website of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) which we would like to recommend: The Profession - Overview

Executive Search

The Duero Valley

Madrid is Spain's capital and a place for many attractions to visit.

We would like to share 11 reasons we found on why the Douro Valley should be on your bucket list:

It’s a UNESCO Site and the world’s oldest demarcated wine region
Boundaries were determined for the Douro Valley’s vineyards in 1756, making it the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Grape harvest and wine production goes back 2,000 years, however, and the support of the people led to the vineyards’ recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The terraced fields on either side of the Douro River are breathtaking and unique to the region.

Experience Port wine production and help in the harvest
Strong and sweet, Port wine is the Douro Valley’s cultural treasure and has been attracting international wine aficionados since the 18th century. Participating in the harvest and production, towards the middle to the end of September is a unique way to appreciate this delicious, sweet drink even more.

You can stay at a country estate
Wine-loving travelers can stay at rustic quintas, or estates surrounded by vineyards and the breath-taking rolling landscape. Country homes, many more than 100 years old, have been converted into bed & breakfast-style lodging, so guests can spend peaceful days exploring the region and nights indulging in the wine and learning about the culture from friendly locals.

The breathtaking views are unlike any other part of the country
Terraced vineyards climbing up and down the rolling hillsides on each side of the curvy river are responsible for the region’s unique landscape. Portugal is a country brimming with natural beauty but the Douro Valley is considered one of the country’s ‘crowned jewels’. A couple of the best viewpoints to see the green hilltops and the Douro River are in Ventozelo (near the Portugal-Spanish border) and the Miradouro São Leonardo da Galafura, located between Peso da Régua and Pinhão.

You can plan a romantic boat trip along the Douro River
Sure, driving or taking a train will sweep past the scenic landscape faster, but a boat trip on the Douro River is perhaps the more romantic way to travel.

To try the local cuisine
Don’t visit the Douro Valley on a diet—another reason to make your way to this part of northern Portugal is the local cuisine, and it’s anything but light. Follow locals to the neighborhood tascas where meats, fish and stews fill the menus. Some favorite dishes include grilled bacalhau (salt cod), roasted suckling pig and octopus salad. Even if you’re not hungry, ordering a cheese and charcuterie platter to accompany a glass of the local wine is always a good idea.

Many of the same country estates that accept overnight guests double up as locations offering the best food and wine experiences, but D.O.C. Restaurante in Folgosa pairs a Michelin experience and a sophisticated ambiance with unparalleled views (especially from the terrace seating over the river), and traditional meals are presented with modern and creative touches.

Visit some extraordinary museums to learn about the region’s history
Learn about the local culture, cuisine and wine while museum-hopping, or learn about everything in one place at the Douro Museum in Peso da Régua.

How often can you canoe past vineyard fields?
Indulge in your love of water sports, wine and adrenaline-boosting activities, all while getting lost in a picturesque background. Canoeing and kayaking are just two more activities that this beautiful region offers.

It is an excellent area for bird-watching
Portugal in general offers many bird-watching opportunities and some of the best spots are Ria Formosa, the Minho region, the Serra da Estrela and (last but not least) the Douro Valley. Get your camera poised and ready to snap unique images of several birds of prey (including some endangered species) like the black stork, Egyptian vulture, Griffon vulture, golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, the Peregrine falcon and the red and black kites.

The Douro Valley is just a hop, skimp and jump from charming Porto
A scenic train trip is waiting for anyone who has extra time to spend in Porto but is interested in exploring beyond the city. Depart from the magnificent azulejo-decorated São Bento Station and settle in for a rickety ride through rural Portugal, along the river and through green valleys, on the Linha do Douro, the historic train route.

There is nothing quite like retreating from everyday life with the Douro Valley’s landscapes in the backdrop
The Douro Valley is truly an off-the-beaten-path and wonderful destination for peace and quiet. Dotted with sleepy hamlets and bustling towns, life moves at a slow and steady pace, and the region is filled with landmarks that date back several centuries; some, like the Alpendurada Monastery, date back nearly 1,000 years. Life’s everyday stresses will melt away when you wander through the vineyards and chat with the cheerful locals.

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Douro Valley


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